Pilates helps to build a solid foundation for all active movement, from cycling to dance to high intensity strength training.

Spark Fitness offers STOTT Pilates® training in a fully equipped studio. With four V2 Max reformers, two stability chairs, a cadillac, a ladder barrel and several props we guarantee to keep your workouts interesting and challenging. Step inside our cheerful and welcoming space and experience the benefits of Pilates.

  • Increased strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Core stability
  • Relief from stress
  • Better posture
  • Injury prevention
  • Enhanced athletic performance

Getting Started


Prior to your first appointment we will discuss your exposure to Pilates, previous/current injuries, fitness goals and scheduling needs. Occasionally clients seek additional information on their spinal alignment and muscular imbalances therefore a postural analysis may be performed. Your instructor will assess your abilities and create an individualized program.

Your first session will introduce you to the five basic principles of the STOTT Pilates® method as well as basic mat and equipment repertoire. STOTT Pilates® exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints.

Private Training:

One-on-one Pilates instruction
Ideal for clients who are seeking an individualized program based on their personal fitness goals and improving overall body biomechanics. Private training is highly recommended for those new to STOTT Pilates® or recovering from a previous/current injury. Clients who choose private instruction will progress through mat, equipment and various prop repertoire.

Semi-private Training:

Work out with a friend
Ideal for those who enjoy working out with a partner and are seeking more individual attention than a group class setting. Clients will progress through Pilates mat, equipment and various prop repertoire. It is recommended that clients who choose semi-private instruction be at a similar level.