At Spark Fitness our approach to athletic conditioning is unique, yet simple. We use several modalities of fitness to build a strong foundation for movement, any movement.


How does the ability to bench press two times your body weight improve athletic performance?

Answer: Well, it doesn’t.

Typical strength and conditioning programs put too much emphasis on heavy lifting paving the way to acute and even chronic injury. Prime mover muscle groups work more efficiently and effectively when stabilizer muscles are strong.


What about the core?

Answer: The “core” is several muscles in 3 main regions; your abdominals, hips and low back. Development in these areas is crucial for balance and stability. Our state of the art equipment is designed to strengthen the core muscles, tap into the small stabilizer muscles and correct poor biomechanics.

A proper athletic performance program is one that translates on to the field, court or arena. At Spark Fitness our athletic performance training builds strong, fast and durable athletes.