My Prenatal Workout

July 28, 2016 10:08 am Published by

An ever-changing body, such as a pregnant one needs a safe workout that can strengthen, stretch and open the body during this time of enormous physical shifts and changes. Not only does the pregnant woman’s body need a physical workout, but also her mind along with her ebb and flow of emotions needs the grounding aspect it can bring.

There are many benefits to keeping a regular prenatal exercise routine. It’s extremely important for your health and the baby’s health to stay flexible, strong and balanced. Movement encourages the release of toxins; mood improvement; a rise in energy levels; lower blood sugar; and better sleep. With few exceptions, I moved everyday. I wanted to keep my routine exciting, motivating, safe yet challenging. My week included walking, yoga, barre3 online, my own home creations, and Pilates. My body felt more resilient, balanced, and open after a Pilates session. I also discovered how to modify movement and still keep it challenging for my very pregnant body. Through all of this it is most important for you to listen to your body. Trust your body’s wisdom. Know when it’s too much or when you need a day off.

Now, I am very particular when it comes to choosing my instructor in any given exercise regime but when I was recently pregnant this was multiplied by 100. I knew I needed to move in order to keep my balance, ground, keep my strength and prepare my body for labor and after birthing. Looking for an instructor who knows the ins and outs of safety in prenatal Pilates, and who is also certified in prenatal exercises is undoubtedly a challenge. I was thrilled when I discovered Spark, and I was ecstatic when I realized how wonderfully attuned and intelligent studio owner, Jennifer Killian, is with each client’s individual needs. Not only do you want a well-managed, clean, modern studio; you will also want an instructor who knows how to work with your individual physicality. Especially while being pregnant you will want a seasoned, knowledgeable instructor who understands and has a plethora of experience with safe prenatal exercises.

Not only does Jennifer work intelligently, giving your body what it needs, but she is well connected and involved in the community. Yes, this is important! You will want your Pilates instructor to be resourceful in and out of the studio. Jennifer is not only an instructor who keeps up with the latest trends in exercise, but continues her Pilates education. This is a must for those of you wanting to find an instructor you trust.

I encourage all pregnant women to continue their workout routine with instructors who know how to safely modify for your specific exercise level and individual needs. If you don’t currently have an exercise routine, don’t forgo working out during this very important time. Instead, look for a personal instructor who has plenty of experience and is certified in prenatal exercise to help guide you through this marvelous journey. Hint: Both Jennifer and Paul Killian are fantastic guides to speak with before you begin.