Evolving Journey

September 18, 2016 2:28 pm Published by

Stroller MomsMy husband and I have joined the ranks of parenthood, no longer the child-free couple jetting off to Disney, movies or Europe. No more dodging stroller tyrants (now it’s stroller jousting)! Some parents who have had their life, ahem.. shall we say… rearranged? have felt workouts are now myth; spending time together is now an ancient memory. In fact, they can’t remember if they have a husband or wife; they aren’t even sure they are wearing matching shoes when walking out the door.

Ok, listen up parents! We must make the time to do these things. And do them we can.

In order to balance motherhood and life, I have a wonderful husband whom I love and cherish that is a partner in this journey with me. I also have a few magical tools I employ. Everyone needs a little magic, right? Listed below are my magical tools:

First magical tool: Find your tribe

People used to live in small communities called tribes. In these tribes, they helped each other by taking care of the young and the old regardless of whose family it was, a tribe was one large family. Children were passed around to be cared for when parents needed to hunt or work. This helped create a balanced system, which allowed parents to stay connected to each other and their children. In today’s society, the entire upbringing of a child is solely left to the parents as our tribes have dissolved.

I have built a tribe with my husband. Our tribe consists of those, whether family, or friends, that we can rely on to be a great support. We have members living in Texas, Australia, Hawaii, California, Tennessee, Florida and Ireland. Whether a phone call, text, or personal visit, we count on our tribe as they help us learn, grow and understand relationship.

Second magical tool: Prioritize

Prioritize your day the night before. You don’t need to take big chunks, just small steps. By the end of the week it will feel great and you will have accomplished more.

Third Magical tool: Journal

Everyday. Find the time to write whatever you are feeling—just get it out.

Fourth magical tool: Romance

Continue to date your partner, even if it’s a cuddle, or dinner you have cooked them.

Fifth magical tool: Treat yourself

Treat yourself once a week for at least an hour. Just you. By yourself.

Sixth magical tool: Lipstick! (chapstick for you men)

Trust me on this. Put on a light shade or my favorite, red. Just do it. Just adds that extra, ‘I’m ready world.’

Seventh magical tool: Sustenance. This encompasses food, water and spiritual life (and chocolate). Make certain you get enough and a balance of it.   

Eighth magical tool: Workout

The eighth tool is on of my favorites. It’s to be utilized everyday as it’s the one that keeps me grounded, cranky-free and energized. I need to be all of these in order to truly function physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s one of the building blocks, the home base of helping me balance motherhood and life. I need to be flexible in both mind and body. I need to be a clever, quick thinking and action taking type of girl. Keeping my brain working out as my body does, is magic.

I am quite positive that although I employ these tools now, they will change (especially the lipstick color) as my journey evolves—and this is an evolving journey!